Product reviews

If someone were to tell you that art and product reviews somehow go together, you wouldn’t buy into it. But, we’re here to debunk that myth. Here’s why – a piece of art is a creation only to its creator and to its audience. To a gallerist, it is a commodity, and can be quantified.

For as long as something can be quantified, you can be rest assured you can find a review for it. So, how to product reviews work in art?

  1. We tell you about the artist – this information will be severely limited in the case of a debutante, but, an established artist’s credentials can be shared and that’s what we will do as well.
  2. We tell you about the medium – watercolour? Oil on canvas? Bronze? Not sure how these things matter? Don’t fret, we will tell you. Head to our get to know us section for an elaborate introduction into the world of art, and the various mediums it uses.
  • We tell you about how to value a painting – if you are one of those connoisseurs who has been collecting art for years and have also been wondering if you should sell, come to us, and we will tell you everything you need to know about what you own and how much it is worth.
  1. We tell you about the artist – in the commodities market, a brand means a lot. For instance, if you own an MF Hussain original, you know you’re about to come into a ton of cash. So, knowing an artist that has painted a work is important.

The whole point of reviewing art is to invite users to get to know this world better. It is so easy to dismiss art as something irrelevant, but art matters and as long as there are people interested in art, it will always matter.

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