3 Math learning tips with concepts and logic

3 Math learning tips with concepts and logic

Many people do not like math because they do not know the math correctly. More math is known as the subject of calculations and the full Formula, but it cannot.

Initially learning to delete Formula does not seem easy and fun. But when the questions you face are getting more and more material, you have to be dizzy with the many formulas you come up with.

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Why is that? Because you haven’t learned math properly!

How to find out how not to learn math, but only to learn mnemonics and use Formulas.

Then how to learn the right math? Here are three Tips for you.

1. Know what you are learning

Don’t let yourself know what you are learning.

For example, many students memorize and can use ABC Formulas to find the roots of quadratic equations, but it turns out that they do not understand the purpose of finding quadratic equations

2. Understand and master the concept

Yes, you need to understand the concept of the material you are studying

Starting from the definition, the theorem in it, the basic idea solved the problem, until the fall of the “Formula” was actually no other design.

3. Thereafter enhances our understanding by solving more cases of problems

There may still be many people confused, what about that kind of learning?

You can see some of the most trusted YouTube channels in the Discussions that emphasize more concepts and logic.

Among them is the Pythagoras Conference Global YouTube channel

This channel contains discussions of mathematical concepts and mathematical problems of all levels, ranging from primary, secondary, high, to student level.

This channel has a large number of topics in mathematics that are not in general school materials, such as Pigeonlubang principle material, appropriate numbers (modulo), ball distribution, and so on.

In addition, the channel also discusses many of the school materials in general with correct concepts and logical priorities.

Please visit Pythagoras Conference Global channels and SUBSCRIBE channels to keep up to date with daily video updates.

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