Building on Mathematics

Building on Mathematics

The flat nature of the wake-up, before discussing in a deeper about the nature and the flat build formula, maybe you should know in advance about this mathematical flat build sense because I am confident that there are still many readers, especially the students And the students who do not know what is a flat build mathematics or have not understood what is meant by waking up flat in mathematics.

And it is immediately that the understanding of the flat build mathematics according to Mohammad Rohmad and Julius Hambali is a flat build and has two kinds of dimensions namely length and width, but the flat build has no height or thickness so it can It was concluded that this flat build of mathematics is a 2-dimensional build with only a length and width, which has been limited by a curved line or a straight line.

The subject of this flat mathematics build is one of the mathematical subjects that often appear in the question-the exam questions both the school exam and the national exam problem of the primary school level and Junior High School so that it is very Precisely for you students to understand and learn about the flat build properties because there are various kinds of building space with different traits-difference between one with the other.

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Then in various kinds of flat build mathematics among others build flat triangle, build flat square, flat circle build, flat trapezoid build, flat rectangular build, flat kite build – kite, build flat rhombus and flat wake Parallelogram.

And below you can see an explanation of the properties of the mathematical flat builds relating to the number of angles, the folding symmetry, the rotary symmetry and the number of sides that have different properties-the characteristics of each other.

1. Triangle

The third triangles have a magnitude of 180 º

Triangle properties have 3 sides and 3 corner points

2. Circles

Circle Properties have 1 side

Circles have rotating symmetry and infinite folding symmetry

3. Trapezoidal Flat Build Properties

The trapezoidal properties have 4 sides and 4 corner points

Angle – trapezoidal angle between the parallel side of the magnitude of 180 º

And Trapezoid has a parallel side, but not the same length.

4. Square Flat Properties

Has a number of four sides and four corners,

Have two side pairs that are aligned and have the same length,

The four of these sides have the same length,

Has a sum of folding symmetry of four pieces,

The properties of the square have a rotating symmetry of four

The four corners have the same magnitude of 90 º

5. Rectangular Flat Properties

Has two folding symmetry

Has rotary symmetry with level two

Properties of rectangular has two diagonal same length

Rectangle has four sides and four Corners

Has two pairs of parallel and opposite sides of the same length

Rectangular has four corners that have a magnitude of 90 º

6. Kite

Nature of the kite – the kite has 1 folding symmetry

Diagonal Perpendicular Kite

Has 2 equally large angles

Kite – The kite has 4 sides and 4 corner points

Has 2 pairs of the same side length

One of Diagonal kites can divide another diagonal yg with the same length

7. Rhombus

Ketupat Nature has 2 folding symmetry

Rhombus with Level 2 rotary symmetry

The four sides of the rhombus have the same length

Diagonal Rhombus with straight pieces

Two pairs of rhombus

Has 4 side pieces and 4 corner points

8. The Parallelogram

The nature of Parallelogram has no folding symmetry

Parallelogram has two-level rotary symmetry

The opposite corner of the Parallelogram

Parallelogram has 4 sides and 4 side corners

Diagonal owned has an unequal length

Parallelogram has 2 pairs of parallel sides and the same length

Parallelogram has 2 blunt corners and two taper angles

That is the nature of the flat build properties of mathematics that you can read and understand as readers of both students and the general public.

Hopefully these reviews can be useful, useful and can be used as reference you to add knowledge about the flat build.

Mathematics because once again that the mathematical subjects about the flat build is still very important and still often Appearing in the final exam problem.

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