Between Youtuber vs Streamer, Which Job Can Be Easy to Succeed

Which Job Can Be Easy to Succeed

The development of technology makes entertainment content no longer only from television broadcasts. From there also emerged unique professions such as YouTuber vs streamer.

Both are professions that emerged thanks to the internet and today’s technological advances. So, what’s the difference between YouTubers vs streamers? Come on, find out through Glints’ summary below.

What are YouTubers?

YouTube has become a promising platform for its audience. Many people try a career as a YouTuber because of the hobby of creating video content.

YouTubers create videos with various topics or types to upload to YouTube. Often referred to as a creator, this profession can generate revenue from YouTube’s CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) and sponsors in its videos.

YouTube itself is also starting to develop its live streaming feature.

What is a Streamer?

Before YouTube built its live streaming feature, other platforms had already dominated the industry. Twitch is a streaming website and app designed by an Amazon subsidiary.

In this platform, a streamer profession was born, which broadcasts its activities live.

Initially, it was widely used by streamers to play games. However, according to Business Insider, the content has various kinds, such as daily activities or chat rooms with viewers.

Just like YouTubers, streamers earn revenue from Twitch, donations, and external sponsors.

Youtuber vs Streamer, Which is More Profitable?

These two jobs are almost the same and sometimes intersect with each other. However, there are still comparisons based on…

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1. Type of Content Created

Until now, Twitch is still the seed for the world of game streaming.

If you are interested in games, Twitch is the right choice. Meanwhile, the videos on YouTube are more diverse.

You can make product reviews, discuss daily life, even life hacks.

Whatever your choice, make sure it has characteristics and benefits to attract viewers’ attention on the platform.

Your focus is to find and build a community of your loyal fans and viewers on any platform.

2. Equipment Needed

Unlike YouTubers, if you choose to be a streamer, you must prepare qualified equipment for live broadcasts.

Even though it’s true when you make videos, you still need a microphone so that your voice is clear and not noisy.

Make sure you first find out the needs of each profession. From there, you can determine which one suits your abilities.

3. Algorithm

Before deciding to become a YouTuber vs. a streamer, you should also consider the algorithms applied by each platform.

For example, what kind of videos will usually appear on the homepage, and which ones are for the recommendation page.

Knowing how the platform algorithm works will make it easier for you to create content.

4. Platform Users

If you are confused about choosing between YouTuber vs streamer, maybe you can study the users of each platform first.

In terms of live streaming, according to Stream PlayBook, until now, Twitch has been accessed by 15 million people to watch live broadcasts every month.

When compared, YouTube only brings in 700 thousand viewers of live broadcasts every month.

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However, if you want to focus on video creation, YouTube is the right choice because, citing Globalmediainsight, there are 2 billion active users on this platform as of October.

5. How to Earn Money from Youtube

As we mentioned a little above, YouTube and Twitch have almost the same way of earning revenue.

A YouTuber will get a calculation of every impression and view obtained from uploaded videos and the results of YouTube ads.

In addition, YouTubers can also place sponsors on their videos. Meanwhile, streamers, whether on Twitch or other platforms, earn the most from donations of viewers and external sponsors who will be promoted during live broadcasts.

Sponsors are also usually in the form of devices that support streamers to broadcast live.

Well, that’s a comparison of YouTubers and streamers that you can use as a benchmark in making decisions later.

Both have benefits and limitations that you will definitely face. So, learn more about live streaming and YouTube by reading the article.