Tips to Increase Audience Engagement on Instagram

Tips to Increase Audience Engagement on Instagram

Marketers all around the globe have been noticing Instagram. This trend is relatively new due to the incredible growth in followers on Instagram.

This social media platform has over 600 million monthly active users and the highest engagement rate of any social media platform.

This makes Instagram a great platform for marketers who want to build a stronger relationship with their audience.

You also know that not all audiences are interested in the same thing. However, it is worth making an effort to attract their attention.

There are many ways you can get the attention and support of large audiences to make them want to learn more about your business via Instagram. These are 8 ways to increase your audience engagement.

1. Use Strong, Solid Colours

The first thing you need to do is to do something that most people don’t. Your competitors will likely do the same thing as you, hoping for a positive reaction.

In reality, you must be different from others. You must show something different and unique to grab attention quickly.

A study by Curalate found that images featuring blue as the dominant colour are more popular than those with other colours.

A dominant colour in an image will almost always perform better than an image that isn’t.

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To help your business stand out in the newsfeed, ensure that all of your featured images are a single strong colour.

2. Make A Call For Action

As with all online marketing strategies, you must have a strong call to action to see success.

If you inform your followers what to do, your home will get more conversions. Inviting businesses to subscribe to your email list, purchase a product, or sign up is the best way to get them to do it.

Instagram works on the same principle. If your followers don’t have a clear call for action, they will be less likely to take any action.

If you want to encourage your followers to visit your site, then give them a reason.

This is because Instagram won’t allow you to post the link directly.

Use conditional messages to get businesses to like your photos. For example, if the picture is closely related to yours, you can like it.

3. Encourage Your Followers To Share

Strong calls to action encourage engagement and discussion.

You can express your opinion strongly and invite opposing points of view from your social media followers. Or, you can ask your followers.

It is important to encourage followers to communicate with each other. After you have received two to three comments, the discussion will start, and you can participate in giving your opinion. It would be best if you were not controversial or too political.

4. Use The Correct Hashtags

If used correctly, hashtags can be a powerful channel to increase visibility for your posts.

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To find images that match a specific theme, people use hashtags. Therefore, any hashtag you use will increase your chances of an image showing up in search results.

Be careful to not over-use hashtags in your photos. You could lose followers or encourage more engagement if you use too many.

5. Include The Face

When we meet someone new, hang out with someone, or try to recognize someone far away, our first impression is faced. So it’s no surprise that we are drawn to business.

Our faces can trigger strong emotions and help us make strong impressions about our environment.

Incorporating faces into your Instagram photos can increase your social connections and sustain your contact. Use real people and not stock photos.

6. A-B Test Your Caption Strategy

Although your text can impact the interactions of your followers, you should keep your eyes on the image.

You should pay attention to the effect your captions, words, and intonation have on the number of likes and comments you receive for each update.

Although the pattern might not immediately be apparent, it will become clear over time.

7. Cross Promotion

Cross-promotion is a great way to promote your business on other platforms than Instagram.

Keep your Instagram posts to a minimum on your Twitter or Facebook pages. Your followers will be a different audience and have more comment options.

You may be able to use your network of well-known influencers to expand your business’s reach.

8. Make Use Of The Instastory Feature

Nearly 80% of Instagram users now view every Instagram story. This feature is a powerful tool for media promotion.

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You might be amazed at the results that you get if you don’t take advantage of them.

You can also advertise by posting your Insta story beyond the reach of your followers.

9. Learn How To Properly Post

According to some surveys, the best time to update Instagram is weekday between 7 am – 10 pm.

Many people also believe Sunday nights are better. You may get different results. Take the time to understand your audience and tailor your strategy to meet their needs.