Increase Brand Awareness With Influencer Marketing

Increase Brand Awareness With Influencer Marketing

The first step to entering the market is brand awareness. If consumers aren’t aware of your brand, how will they buy the product? So it’s the first thing your brand must do.
While there are many ways to increase brand awareness in today’s digital age, influencer marketing is by far the most effective. This article will discuss the many ways that brands can use influencer marketing to promote their products.

Let’s start by defining brand awareness.

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness refers to the ability of consumers to recognize, recall and instantly make a purchase for a product or service.

A consumer may want to purchase a mobile phone and immediately type in a brand name into the Search Engine. But, unfortunately, the brand that sells phones is not the only one.

There are three stages to brand awareness.

  1. Recognition – Conditions for consumers to recognize the product.
  2. Recall – Consumers remember your name.
  3. Top of mind – It is automatically reflected in consumers’ minds.

How can influencers increase brand awareness?

Word-of-mouth is the most popular and effective strategy. Influence is the ability to influence friends, family members and even their own families by mentioning one product.

You might go to a restaurant and then post on social media. These Instagram Stories are often viewed by friends and will be asked, “Where is it?” It’s beautiful! Or, you can ask the simple question, “Is there parking?”

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These questions will be answered based on the experience you had at the restaurant.

How can influencers increase brand awareness
How can influencers increase brand awareness

This is how the influencer market works

Many followers are loyal to influencers. This assumes that they have an interest in the topics of their choice. Celebgrams can communicate your values more effectively than if you deliver them yourself.

Influencer marketing is more than just social media promotion. Your brand will suddenly be top-of-mind. However, influencer marketing is not an easy strategy.

To maintain consumer trust and credibility, you must work hard.

These are some ideas to activate awareness with influencers.

You can work with any audience size influencers.

These are not limited to Nano, Micro, Macro, and Mega. Some brands prefer to work with only one. Mixing them will make the campaign more successful because it targets different markets.

Whatever way you choose to go, working with influential people is a great way to reach thousands of people organically. MAYBELLINE is one example. They work with 32 influencers to keep and increase brand awareness.

Run a giveaway

Giveaways and contests are a great way to create a community of social media influencers. Ask influencers to sign up for contest rules, such as following your brand’s account. This was what one of our LIOMI clients did during a giveaway with LEMON Influencers.

Influencer content can be boosted through their accounts.

This allows you to target ads using data from influencer audiences and not your existing audience.

Two Reasons Influencer marketing is the Right Step for Brand Awareness.

Reach new target audience instantly

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You can’t help but wonder what the behaviour of online shoppers is.

Perhaps billboards and advertisements on TV were used by brands in the past to promote their products. Nowadays, consumers don’t watch TV. In their everyday lives, they prefer to use smartphones to search for information.

Influencers can be present in customers’ lives on social media by being there. This will allow you to increase brand awareness, especially among those who spend a lot of time online.


Influencer marketing is more than a promotion that happens overnight. Instead, it is easier to increase brand awareness by working with influencers over the long term.

Because today’s audience is more educated in identifying authentic and promotional influencers, long-term collaboration can help to create positive perceptions.

Today, for example, A, an influencer, said that product B was his favourite product. This was repeated 6 months ago. Audiences will believe because it is not easy for influencers to say product C in 2 weeks.

Influencers can influence your audience’s loyalty by working with you over a long period.

The same goes for followers who share the brands they like on social media with their family and friends, especially if they are part of a strong community.

Performance indicators for awareness

Performance indicators to measure brand awareness through influencer marketing campaigns
Here are some indicators that can help you identify brand awareness. Brand awareness is about getting people to recognize your brand, product, and value, not sales.

  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • The volume of branded searches
  • Social media mentions
  • Traffic to websites via social media channels
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This metric allows you to track how many potential customers you have made acquaintance with through your campaigns. These numbers can be converted into leads if you make more consumers aware of you.

Are you ready to increase brand awareness with influencer marketing?

You can make your audience more aware of you by being present in their lives. You can draw attention to your brand by being present in their lives and solving the problems they face.