Tips for Finding the Right Influencer for Your Business

Tips for Finding the Right Influencer for Your Business

Anyone can be an influencer today, but not everyone is suitable for marketing all types of businesses. The more experience we have, the easier it will be for us to face the task. However, there will always be a ‘gap’ when faced with similar tasks but in different areas.

Not all influencers are suitable for marketing all types of businesses. So, how do you find the right influencer for you?

A beauty-focused agency got a client who asked them to provide influencers in the home decor category. Unfortunately, the agency’s portfolio built for a long time cannot be fully utilized due to differences in the specialization.

Likewise, an influencer. For example, an influencer interested in the culinary world for a long time gets a client who asks him to market beauty products.

Maybe he has been working on a product review for a brand for a long time. But when faced with different products, of course, the results of the reviews are less than optimal —maybe not even have a significant impact on the business.

So, how do you find the right influencer for you?

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Search it manually

The most basic method of finding the right influencer for you is to search for it manually via:


Just go to Google and enter keywords such as “recommended influencers for beauty” or “how to find the right influencer”, then you will find a list of related influencers and various types of influencers from various sites, from nano to macro-influencers.

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However, this method tends to be biased and does not provide an overall picture because articles with the same list of influencers will meet your search results.

Instagram Hashtags

If you already know the keywords or hashtags that people use most often to find your business, then use those hashtags in your Instagram searches. Please note that this method is tricky because not all creators use hashtags or don’t use them properly.

Sometimes business owners with different—even very different—products use opposite hashtags to increase the chances of getting their business noticed by more social media users.

Finding locations for local businesses

Tailor it to your type of business and clearly understand the target audience. For example, say you are a pastry shop owner and are looking for a hotel to promote. Even so, you need to know in advance who your target audience is and keep in mind that not everyone determines the location.

This means that there is a possibility that a high-influence nano influencer could be very close to you, but you won’t be able to find one with this method.

Subscribe to niche influencers

Generally, after you follow someone, Instagram will direct you to someone’s recommendation to follow. The downside is that the recommendations given are based not only on the influencers you follow but also on your account activity.

Learn from competitors

Learn how your competitors advertise, visit their Instagram profiles and look at the tagged column. Then, use this as evaluation material to develop your next marketing strategy.

Search for Relevant Influencers by Category

Generally, when searching on Instagram, a list of accounts, audio, tags, and places will appear, but not with categories. Don’t worry; some services that allow searching by category can be a way out.

  1. Choose influencers that match your needs.
  2. Ensure influencer posts are following the given scope of work.
  3. Monitoring campaign execution.
  4. Compile reports that you can easily download for your campaign performance analysis needs.
  5. Check Sponsorship History.
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You can browse the history of influencer sponsored content. Then, do an in-depth analysis to see the history of ads that have been run by these influencers and see how they advertise or publish sponsored content for your consideration later.

In addition, you can also see how many brands have worked with the influencer and how successful he is running the campaign.


Search for influencers by entering keywords through various tools, such as Google Search Console; you will get many options even though you have to be willing to take the time to search for them.

So, do you understand how to find the right influencers for your business and, of course, to produce a successful campaign? Or are you still confused about where to start to run your campaign? Talk to us about your needs now!