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Hey everyone what is 79 x 11? what is 4% of 250? what is the sum of all even numbers from zero to hundred seven nine alpha beta gamma. Oh math magic trick, but don’t worry in today’s content i’m going to give you some math tricks to help you solve all these problems really quick. So today i’m going to give you five math magic tricks and three tips from renowned mathematicians to help you become the wizard of mathemagic.

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Magic of Math

For fast calculation trick number one is called estimation so so many times we walk into a restaurant when it says 12% off or we walk into a store and it announces 30% off and we’re freaking out that what does it exactly mean so how about we learn a quick trick of how to estimate mentally right there in the store or the restaurant so what is four percent of 250.

now before we jump into the answer how about math magic we try estimating that answer let’s take ten percent of. 250 and ten percent would 25 right we all know that now what is 1% of 250 that would mean 2.5 and if we want 4% then it’s 4 times of 1% which is four times of 2.5 which is 10.

Okay let’s try another exercise in estimation now before you start adding all these big numbers let’s try to take them to the nearest hundred so i would take 988 up to thousand and i would take. 880 up to 900 and i would add them up and i would get 1,900 now how much have.

I added here in order to get a thousand i’ve added 12 to 988 and i’ve added 20 to 880 to get 900 so i need to subtract this 32 from 1900 and i get 1868 wasn’t that easy tip number one visualize don’t memorize so albert einstein once said that pure math is actually like a poetry of logical reasoning.

So don’t look at math as cramming up all those formulae instead look at it like a storybook or a pattern and that’ll help you enhance your logical reasoning okay so what is the sum of all even numbers from zero to hundred okay let’s break that down.

What is the sum of all even numbers from zero to ten now there are four even numbers between zero and ten which are two four six and eight let’s visualize these numbers so two let’s draw two and if i take four it’s one two three four and if i take six it’s one two three four five six and if i take eight it’s one two three four five six seven eight.

So what have i got here is a rectangle of 4 into 5 which is 20 and now you can begin to guess the formula it’s the number of even numbers between 0 and 10 so in this case it’s 4 even numbers between 0 and 10 multiplied by n plus 1 that is 5 which is equal to 20 now try it with odd numbers it’s not exactly this formula it’s something different and i want you to put that formula in the comment section below.

Math for Love

What is the sum of the odd numbers between 0 and 10 and what did you get as a formula and before we get to the balance three magic math tricks don’t forget to tell me which of these tricks was your favorite or if there’s any other trick that you love put everything down for me in the comment section below this content trick number three division by five what is 25 by 5= 5 that’s easy, but what is 2 3. 4 1 by 5 hmm.

okay let’s remember 5 is 10 by 2 so how about we first divide this by 10 so 2 3 4 1 divided by 10 is 234.1 and now i can multiply this by 2 and. I’ve got four sixty eight point two wasn’t that quick okay and now’s your turn eight hundred and ninety seven by five the fastest calculation in the comment box right now.

Tip number two strengthen your fundamentals eric temple. Bell of famous scottish mathematician once said that obvious is the most dangerous word in mathematics so go back to basics strengthen your fundamentals and practice practice practice to become this expert slowly and gradually okay now a very simple trick trick number four is multiplication by eleven and i’m going to take a very basic.

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Example right now to explain this let’s take 43 into 11 and when we multiply the unit’s place is this the first digit is this and the digit in the middle is the sum of these two 473 now that sounds too easy so let’s take a little complicated example to see if that really works okay we’ve got a bigger number here 346 by 11 let’s see how it goes so the unit’s place is six.

The first digit is 3 now the number here is the sum of two digits which is ten so i put a zero here and i keep the one for math magic trick carry forward and the number here is the sum of these two digits which is seven and so the answer is three eight zero six this formula works fail proof you just need to be careful about doing the carry forward every time now before we move on to the next step.

Trick number five is to find the square of any number ending in five this magical trick will help you find the square at lightning speed so what is the square of 85 quick write it down in the comment section right now did you get seven two to five if you didn’t here’s how we got it so 85 into 85 now the last two digits will always be 25 the square of 5 is 25 and the first two digits will be 8 into the number that comes after 8 which is 9 so 8 into 9 is 72 and you’ve got 7 to 2 finds let’s try this with 105 so 105 a square and like i said the last two digits will always be the square of.

5 which is 25 and the first few digits will be 10 into you’re right 11 so 11025 isn’t that lightning speed okay so now that we’ve learned these five tricks for fast calculation remember that math is much more than just fast calculation it needs logical reasoning the right mindset and above all lots and lots of practice and meantime press the subscribe button math contents for you and happy watching.

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