Why Math is Hard? Is Math Difficult for You to Learn?

Why is it so hard to learn things we don’t like? for example. For those who don’t like math or economics lessons. Found the number with the formula like already. Thinking long but. Nobody’s entering! uh, it’s reading turn for the things we like.

I think. That’s easy! for example, for those who like math or economics. I don’t know why look at the formula maybe it’s even fun right? it’s fun learning! it’s outside school too.

Those who like soccer it’s really easy to get to it. The names of the football players. The histories of the ball whose name is playing games. What else. We are willing to watch strategy content on the internet. To learn to be good! yesterday.

What is the most difficult math to learn?

We have already discussed how our brains behave like plastic. And it can develop when we learn! this time we will discuss. Secret recipe so that. The neuroplasticity. Happen. And this recipe. You can’t get it from.

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The pharmacy near your house. And this will answer our question earlier. Actually what the heck. The secret recipe for learning? evidently. The key to learning is in. Emotions. The learning process is basically a process that. Involves emotions not just. Logical business. Maybe.

All this time we thought. That clever and insightful person. Cold. Just use logic. Have no emotions. But it turns out that the way we learn is the opposite. The learning process is influenced by circuits in the limbic system in part of our brain.

Who responds to threats or gifts. Or English is “threat & reward”. This limbic system. Responsible for. Many things. Like. Emotion, behavior, motivation including long-term memory. So if you get that experience.

That hurts. You will definitely remember it! like if you were holding a really hot iron! you must immediately learn to give up! won’t do it again. In fact, if you experience a tragedy that. Traumatic. Maybe you will form the name. “flashbulb memory”.

Memory is So strong and detailed. And it feels like a film. Rotated in your brain. Of course. We don’t expect to learn from it. Bad experiences that threaten our lives huh the only option is prizes or “rewards”. If we see.

Little kids right. Learn a lot from playing. Happy. Those of us who are older than children are the same. We will learn more easily if. Feel exciting! there is a threat or a reward. Make us. Experience the name emotional awakening.

Can you teach yourself to be good?

This is a condition. When we are passionate, excited, motivated. What makes us. Be more alert and focused! we do it in everyday life often call this with the term. “stress”. Well. To be able to make learning optimal.

Yerkes & Dodson Law
Yerkes & Dodson Law

We must. Play with these emotions. Optimal too. According to Yerkes & Dodson. There are graphics that look like. The inverted u letter. Which describes the relationship between. Our work performance with. The emotional awakening needed.

Initially. The more stressed we are. Our attention and interest will increase. Improved brain performance! but until at some point, the stress increases. In fact, it makes us anxious and panic! in fact, I don’t focus. So. The key to learning is. Find the optimal stress level for you! there it is. Peak brain performance. Achieved! and this is different for each person. Well, actually. What drives this achievement.

This optimal stress level.? yesterday we discussed the problem. Neurotransmitters in the brain right. There is also something called “DNA of peak performance”. They are. The 3 most important types of neurotransmitters. To achieve. The pinnacle of this performance. The d is dopamine. This dopamine has the same effect. Your abilities. Update information. In memory as well as for. Focus on something.

How can I learn math easier?

This dopamine is what makes us want to chase a prize. The effect is. Like addictive drugs! you like doing something. Keep hooked and. It’s like medicine every day. The dose you need is getting bigger.

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And this dopamine is also known as. Neurotransmitters that activate when something is. New! that’s why we usually cheer up! if you take up a new hobby. Although after a long time he started getting bored.

Yes. The point is, in order for optimal learning, we have to feel it happy to do it! that’s the role of dopamine. N is noradrenaline. Noradrenaline is his job. Is to look after. Your survival. He is the one who makes you responsive quickly. If there is a dangerous incident. He also made you have. High precision to pay attention. If there are things that.

It’s weird! from a situation. Noradrenaline is at the optimal level when you are feeling challenged! for example. If you feel it. Wow, this seems hard. But. I think I can! so rich. The a is acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is found in large quantities. A group of humans who are always on. Peak performance.

They are a group of people who. Most alert! alert! and. Always observe the surrounding environment. They are. Baby, this acetylcholine is responsible for making. These babies are finished. The super learner who are really really focused on paying attention to what’s happening so. Learn fast. And make babies.

This acetylcholine comes out on its own effortlessly. Because they are in the most important period of neuroplasticity. Their brains. Fast again. Create new neuronal pathways to receive information. Well, so mature. Unfortunately this acetylcholine. It doesn’t automatically come out again. It has to be done manually when we do try to focus.

Again sports or. When we found something important, surprising, or new! if likened to using the world of photography. Noradrenaline is. Point our cameras in the right direction. Dopamine helps us zoom in. Until the composition is right and.

This acetylcholine is the one. Najemin focuses until the picture is cool. If there are only 2 out of 3. You get regular photos. If there are all three. It can be a work of art. Can win the race times. Or at least be celebgrams. Well, that was it. The point is if we want to learn optimally we have to. Find the optimal level of arousal or stress! and it.

It’s different for each person. Clear. You have to find the fun of learning. Learning must be something. Meaningful for you. Hence. We combine many things from the start. The way we explain arrange the material.

Our application design includes game elements. And. Interesting animation, so that. The “DNA of peak performance” earlier. Get out. The study. So exciting and optimal. So, since we already know. The importance of emotion in the learning process.

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